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Verdant Tree Farm & Landscape


Verdant Tree Farm provides a (3 month) warranty that covers all trees and palm trees that are sold and installed by Verdant Tree Farm from the original date of purchase.  All warranty claims will result in an additional labor and delivery charge.  For valid warranty claims, Verdant MUST be notified at the first signs of trees showing changes (yellowing/browning/drooping/leaves curling etc.).  Once Verdant is notified we will work with you to save the existing tree. We may decline the claim if you have not given us proper notification and/or the chance to save the tree(s). If, after working together, the tree(s) do not survive, we will honor our warranty and replace the tree(s). Verdant will replace ONE tree per hole upon warranty acceptance. If second tree fails in same hole the issue is not with the tree. Warranty claims accepted by Verdant Tree Farm will cover replacement tree(s) of similar species of tree(s), size, and grade to match the original purchased tree(s) as closely as possible unless mutually determined otherwise by the customer and the manager. 

ITEMS THE WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER (please read carefully).


  • NEGLIGENT CARE – such as over/under watering or neglect

  • ACTS OF NATURE – such as lightning strike, hurricane, extreme drought, severe freeze, severe weather

  • LACK OF COMMUNICATION – such as notifying us once the tree is dead (see details in paragraph above).

  • Labor and delivery charges

  • It is your responsibility to assess the appropriate water needs of your tree (see reference material below)


As part of the 3 month warranty, a piece of PVC Pipe will be installed with each Tree that Verdant installs. The Tube is NOT to be used as a source for watering, i.e. placing hose in the tube and watering directly into the tube. The tube is to be used as a gauge to determine the absorption rate for that specific tree. You need to check the gauge for EACH individual tree even if they are close together as each area/tree drains/absorbs water differently. We ask you to use the guidelines as a starting point to ensure your tree is receiving the proper amount of water. Prior to watering, check the tube for water. Check the tube every hour after watering to make sure the level is dropping. If there is still water in the tube after 5 hours, then you will need to water less the next time you water. Once you have found the correct amount of water to water the tree, stay with that amount. Seasonal changes will be required to the irrigation.


Verdant Tree Farm is not responsible for any broken or damaged pipes or wiring at time of installation. 

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