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The MOST VALUABLE assets of your home!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Aside from your home, for most homeowners, your trees are the most valuable assets of your property. Most people don't think about that, but Trees are investments!

Think of it this way, what's the cost of a 5 gallon tree versus a 500 gallon tree? A significant difference! Although trees are not listed as a value item on an appraisal, they improve the marketability & visual appeal which drives more attention and competition for your property.

Conversely, if your trees are improperly cared for or planted improperly they can cause problems to your property value. There are several situations that are common for this:

• Trees that aren't pruned regularly can overhang onto roofs which can cause damage

• Root barrier isn't installed and a tree planted close to a home can shift a foundation

• Tree Roots can disrupt sidewalks and driveways the same way

• Old trees that are not removed can have "widow makers" (very large tree branches hanging overhead) cause injury/death if they fall

We recommend working with a company that will provide you with expertise on which trees/palms/shrubs will provide the most aesthetic appeal for your home value and educate you regarding the install and maintenance recommendations to mitigate risk.


Here is a list of Just a few of our trees we carry: Medjools, Phoenix Dactylifera, California fan palm, Pindo, Sylvester, Mediterranean fan, Pygmy, Queen, Live oak, Red Oak, Bald Cypress, Green Ash, Mexican Sycamore, Bottlebrush, Cedar Elm, Magnolia, Mule Palms, Texas Sabal, Windmill Palm, ect.

We are Houston's largest nursery (20 acres). If you are in the market for large or small trees this is where you want to come. You'll get to hand pick the trees and if you need, we can even install them for you. We offer the best warranty in the industry and we actually stand behind our work. We are Veteran owned! Come by and see us today!

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Patrick Amery

Serving Houston, tx Katy, tx Texas city, tx Galveston, tx and all surrounding areas

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