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Large Landscape Material Installation

Large landscape material

When it comes to installing large, 100+ gallon, landscape materials, it's critical to hire people you trust. There are a few mistakes companies make which cost their clients a lot of money:

1) Time: Not every landscaper has the ability to acquire large material quickly. If the delay causes launch delays, that could cost a developer a lot of money.

2) Execution: Large material has nuance, where it should be planted for sunlight, how large the root systems are, etc. If a large tree dies due to lack of proper sunlight (or it's the wrong tree for the environment) it costs a lot of money. If the root systems create issues in the infrastructure, that can cost a lot of money.

3) Damage: Many fly-by-night groups try to manually plant trees that require special (large) equipment to properly install. If the tree is damaged in the process, it becomes an expensive replacement.

4) Warranty: Is your landscaper growing the trees? If not, they may not warranty them. Find a company that is willing to stand behind the products they sell.

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