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Large Landscape Material Installation

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Large landscape material

When it comes to installing large, 100+ gallon, landscape materials, it's critical to hire people you trust. There are a few mistakes companies make which cost their clients a lot of money:

1) Time: Not every landscaper has the ability to acquire large material quickly. If the delay causes launch delays, that could cost a developer a lot of money.

2) Execution: Large material has nuance, where it should be planted for sunlight, how large the root systems are, etc. If a large tree dies due to lack of proper sunlight (or it's the wrong tree for the environment) it costs a lot of money. If the root systems create issues in the infrastructure, that can cost a lot of money.

3) Damage: Many fly-by-night groups try to manually plant trees that require special (large) equipment to properly install. If the tree is damaged in the process, it becomes an expensive replacement.

4) Warranty: Is your landscaper growing the trees? If not, they may not warranty them. Find a company that is willing to stand behind the products they sell.


Here is a list of Just a few of our trees we carry: Medjools, Phoenix Dactylifera, California fan palm, Pindo, Sylvester, Mediterranean fan, Pygmy, Queen, Live oak, Red Oak, Bald Cypress, Green Ash, Mexican Sycamore, Bottlebrush, Cedar Elm, Magnolia, Mule Palms, Texas Sabal, Windmill Palm, ect.

We are Houston's largest nursery (20 acres). If you are in the market for large or small trees this is where you want to come. You'll get to hand pick the trees and if you need, we can even install them for you. We offer the best warranty in the industry and we actually stand behind our work. We are Veteran owned! Come by and see us today!

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Patrick Amery

Serving Houston, tx Katy, tx Texas city, tx Galveston, tx and all surrounding areas

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