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Our client over spent by 100% and how to avoid it.

When most people think of our company, they think big, sweeping trees that they can't afford. The truth is, we offer many more products that can beautify your landscape on any budget!

Just because we're a tree farm, doesn't mean we can't provide homeowners with below retail pricing on top quality landscape materials from small to large project requirements.

One of our clients had recently installed some grass through a local vendor before meeting with us. He was not aware that we offered grass/sod materials and installation services. Unfortunately, he overpaid by $1,000.00 (100%) and thought he was getting a great deal! As the source of the sod, we could have saved him a lot of money by cutting out the middle man.

The lesson, before getting any landscape quote, whether you think we carry the products or not, give us a try! 281-345-6789

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