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3 Biggest Mistakes Made When Shopping for Landscape Materials

Investing in your lawn as a homeowner is as important to the market value as most cosmetic improvements you can make on the home itself. As a matter of fact, your trees are the second most valuable asset of the property!

We see a lot of people shopping for landscape materials from first time homebuyers to green thumbs, but there are common buying mistakes that can be avoided.

1) Talk to an expert: Buying the right materials for your yard. It's important to talk to the professional when buying landscape materials to know if the tree/bush/flowers you're buying will survive the environment, what the care requirements are and what concerns you should have (like seasonality or lifespan).

2) Buy from a reputable company: There are a lot of landscapers that source from poor quality wholesalers. The result is no warranty on installs if the materials don't survive and the cost to replace. Not only should you consider the installer, but the installer's source of materials!

3) Don't overpay: Most homeowners think they have to buy at retail outlets, but that's simply not true! You can go to wholesalers and now even some farms! This allows you to skip the middleman and get the best possible pricing and the freshest quality available.

As Houston's largest privately owned tree farm, we help our clients understand which products work for their landscape needs and help them get the most bang for their buck! Even further, we can quote over the phone and deliver so you don't have to step foot on the lot! Don't settle for anything less.

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