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Professional Landscape organizations are challenged with a great number of business concerns, and among them is being able to execute at a high level on large-scale, commercial projects.

We believe it's important that whomever you choose, make sure they can provide these 4 services:

1. PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: There's nothing worse than committing to a project bid and not having a partner that can source the materials quickly.

2. INSTALLATION EQUIPMENT: Large material requires big equipment. We have the tools to help you successful install large trees properly.

3. PRODUCT EXPERTISE: Your landscape partner should have a full understanding of the materials and how to help you best execute on contract projects.

4. LIABILITY: Your business partner should carry liability insurance for incidents during install.

For years, Verdant has been a trusted partner for landscape professionals around the Houston area to provide the materials, installation services and guidance. Whether you are a landscape architect, commercial developer or landscape services company, we provide wholesale pricing and unmatched product availability for our service providers.

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