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The Medjool is considered one of the most beautiful, durable palms available and Houston is the perfect environment for their successful growth! We are not only experts in the Medjool, we are known for them! In recent years medjool date palms have become very popular with homeowners, especially in Texas, due to the tropical feel, resistance to Texas heat and the palm's ancient history!
There are hundreds of named varieties of phoenix dactylifera date palms, and one of the most famous is the large soft Medjool date palm, while the most widely grown date is the semi-dry Deglet Noor date palm. 

Medjools are challenging to install and require a highly experienced contractor to protect the investment. Proper staking is a must from day one. Staking and bracing will help keep the tree upright until newly formed roots can grow outward into the surrounding soil.  

Medjools are not picky about the soil conditions they thrive, however there are a few very important that you will want to adhere to when installing Medjools in heavy soils or in regions or in soils with a Ph value below 7. There are also simple specialized instructions for direct beach sand plantings and high water table installations. In general, Medjool dates will thrive anywhere that winter temperatures don’t reach and stay below 15 degrees and even where the entire canopy does burn back during an extreme freeze event, established palms will fully recover with minimal care 95% of the time. 
There are many other palms that produce edible drupes (or dates), however theirs are almost all seed with very little flesh and most are quite small. Only the phoenix dactylifera - the true "date palm", will produce large, edible dates that are cultivated and sold today. Houston's humidity prevents the Medjool from producing its fruit, it needs a dry heat for that. 
Want to explore more than the Medjool, check out our list of palms we also grow from seed to your property!
Did you know that the Medjool is not a tree, but in fact a grass! Learn more about the difference between Palms and Trees here!




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Verdant Logo.png


/ˈvərdnt/  adjective

  1. Green with grass or other rich vegetation.

    Synonyms: green, leafy, grassy, grass-covered; ​(i.e.) "a deep, verdant green"



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